Toolboxes - Ladder Racks - Canopies

Custom Built Toolboxes, Ladder Racks & Canopies for your Wellside or Flat Deck Ute

Here at Roaring Oaks Engineering, we pride ourselves on being able to make EXACTLY what our clients are after when it comes to custom alloy toolboxes and ladder racks specific to their needs.  Whether you're a builder, farmer, plumber, repairman, farrier or other tradesman, we've got you sorted!  We have a long line of incredibly happy, satisfied customers who say our toolboxes are the BEST the've ever had....functional, practical, tidy, excellent value for money and they look amazing!!

Jase is more than happy to have a chat with you about what it is  you are looking for and to get you set up and looking the part with a new toolbox today!!  Ask for a free quote here!!

Here are just a few of the custom alloy toolboxes and ladder racks that we've manufactured lately: