Handcrafted Upcycled Steel Art Braziers

Discover the Unparalleled Beauty of Handcrafted Artistry with Hunting4Art NZ

Hunting4Art NZ invites you to experience something truly special, incredibly unique and captivatingly beautiful ~  Introducing our handcrafted recycled steel art braziers!

~ Functional Art & One-Of-A-Kind Designs ~
These beautiful braziers aren't just for show - they're functional fire pits that create a mesmerizing dance of flames, burning beautifully while drawing air efficiently, directing the smoke upwards while radiating heat outwards. Gather round with friends, make some memories and share stories under the starry NZ skies.  Summer Brook's braziers are all different as they are meticulously hand plasma cut, making them as unique as the moments you'll create around them.

~ Sustainable Beauty ~
Each brazier is handcrafted from a salvaged steel drum, giving new life to forgotten materials.  By choosing upcycled art, you're making an eco-friendly statement. 

Hunting4Art NZ - Blending warmth and creativity.