"Horse Breeds" Sandcarved Glass Art 6 Piece Sets

Appaloosa, Arabian, Thoroughbred, Clydesdale, Paint and Quarter Horse feature in this stunning mix of six different designs. These beautifully handcrafted sandcarved glass art sets come in a range of styles including wine glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses, tumblers and more!

Hunting4Art's sandcarved glassware range is of the highest quality and engraved with Summer Brook's famous artworks! Each piece is sand carved with tiny grains of garnet and high pressure blasts of air which produce a nice, deep, textured etch that won't wash off, won't fade and won't wear like laser etched designs... these are made to last! Diligently handcrafted, a lot of time and care goes into making each one to create an absolute work of art we just know you will love!

Perfect for everyday use and 100% dishwasher safe!!

Buying a set means you get great savings on our sandcarved glassware!! Each set includes six beautiful designs as shown in the set photos. Set designs are not interchangeable, sorry!

Scroll through the images using the toggle arrows on either side of the main image to see this set design on different glass styles. Please then select your chosen glass style from the "SIZE" drop-down menu options provided.


Shot Glass Set - 30ml - Set of 6 - $90 per set ($15ea)

Tumbler Set - 300ml - Set of 6 - $150 per set ($25ea)

Glass Coffee Mug Set - 320ml - Set of 6 - $210 per set ($35ea)

Beer Mug A Set - 395ml - Set of 6 - $270 per set ($45ea)

Beer Mug B Set - 500ml - Set of 6 - $270 per set ($45ea)

Footed Pilsner Set - 415ml - Set of 6 - $270 per set ($45ea)

Stemless Wine Glass Set - 475ml - Set of 6 - $270 per set ($45ea)

Wine Glass Set - 470ml - Set of 6 - $330 per set ($55ea)

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